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downWant manual wapkiz ads code to place on my site instead of footer banner - Sam, Raihan and Other Your Contribution is Highly Needed
25 March 05:00pm #1
filesduniya  filesduniya
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Hey admins and moderators good day.

Sam, and other moderators of wapkiz.com please is there any way you can remove wapkiz footer ads plus analytics code from my site?.

And give me banner ads code to place on the footer of my wapkiz site to send unlimited traffics plus clicks to wapkiz instead of hideable footer ads.

I don't hope to see falling down of wapkiz just like wapka that is why i come to this forum and ask seek direct permission instead of footer ads hide code am using.

I'am big fan of wapkiz.com and i enjoyed using wapkiz.

Hope to hear good news from you.

Here is the site address: files.mobi.ng
Thanks: Lordbright,
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